adash newAdash is a cost effective Puc socket using the same technology as Aline, which means that it is a strong and an effective solution when a minimal presentation is required.
Adash is simple to use and simple to install; from a single push fit shelf to a 350mm straight arm the Puc socket handles it with ease providing an adaptable merchandising solution. Its strength allows it to be used for shoes one minute and clothes the next without relying on a wall plate for additional support, this makes it ideal for the ever-changing face of retail.



aline newAline was created to solve a problem, minimal presentation with strength. Most shop fitting systems rely on uprights and metal brackets to create the structure for displaying merchandise, which can be distracting. Aline with its unique design allows glass shelves to simply push into the track to be supported safely without the need for additional support, there is also a range of contemporary shop fittings to compliment.The Aline track is non-modular and simple to fit with the facing panels needing no specialist treatment as the track takes the strain rather than the panels, which uniquely allows it to be used in plaster board. The Aline track does not determine the design of the store it’s function is to receive the shop fittings without distracting from the design. Aline with its innovative design sets new standards in presentation without limiting the type of product that it can be displayed, from cosmetics to men’s suits.


blade newBlade is the classic shop fitting solution, based upon the slotted upright post.The Blade posts are discrete yet strong and come in 3m long lengths that can be cut to suit, the uprights are supplied in a mill finish but can be given other treatments if required. The profile itself is punched to an industry standard 32mm pitch making it an uncomplicated yet effective display medium. As the shop fitting solution is so simple we have created a standard range of equipment that is both practical and innovative based around a 600 and 1200 module. The arms are rectangle in profile making them more contemporary but we can produce other designs if the project requires it. Blade delivers a merchandising solution to a whole range of products and environments ensuring a perfect presentation.



cilplan newCilplan was developed with the retailer in mind with its unique approach to merchandise presentation and use of space. The Cilplan system is non-modular, so it doesn’t suffer the constraints of a traditional shop fitting system where the position of the product is determined by the available wall space, the track is fitted horizontal with the shop fittings simply located into the track. The presentation is very clean and minimal making it ideal for fashion, yet with its inherent strength it can be adapted to suit most types, products and densities. To further enhance its flexibility the track comes in 2 options. Cilplan10 is fitted during the build process so that once the walls or panels are complete only a small opening is visible, whereas the surface mounted can be retro fitted making it ideal for pop up shops or simple refurbishments as it needs no specialist tools. Cilplan is also the only product available that can be fitted to a curved wall.


edge newEdge is a modern take on a classic solution. The posts are slotted on the rear face so that the presentation at the front is clean and slick; to enhance the look further we have mixed the square post with a round tube for the merchandising equipment. The 30×30 mild steel posts have a wide 35mm pitch slot, making it easy to use. The posts as standard are 2.4m in height, but can be purchased in various lengths and if the situation allows can be fitted floor to ceiling. With its simple look and classic lines Edge delivers a great merchandising solution, whether it is for high fashion finished in mirror chrome or left raw with a clear lacquer for a more industrial look.



orbit newOrbit is a development of a now classic shop fitting option; the ferrule socket. We have with some clever engineering taken the socket to a new level making it decorative as well as practical. We have got rid of the need for a facing plate to conceal the hole when not in use by adding a central core; this is not only pleasing to look at but acts as the location point for the display equipment. The design allows a display arm to slide over the central core located in the back of the socket in the correct position with a push fit mechanism. There is a simple range of merchandising equipment to compliment the system, with a number of the components having dual roles, the forward arm is also the shelf bracket and rail support. The arms have 2 safety features, a locating mark to show when the bracket is properly located and a slight uplift so when they are loaded they flex and settle down to a horizontal plane.

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